Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Opportunity Can Hide Behind A Disappointment, Look Around!

Plans to preview excerpts from my book are happily put on hold! I thought there were two books in line to be published before mine and found out three are ahead of me. Thank the Lord!
I had scanned over my book and found some mistakes, and began serious editing, when I learned I had more time for edits! Believe me, I needed this extra time to tighten and polish what I'd written!
How similar can that situation be with a personal one you may be experiencing?
Like the child learning to ride a bicycle, don't be in too big of a hurry to take off the training wheels!
Often we can set our heart on something only to be surprised when it turns out differently. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I pray for God's will and His timing in everything in my life, and try not to "jump ahead" without His guidance.
I'd like to encourage everyone to try and look "farther down the road" at whatever they are dealing with, and with God's help, you can put any "roadblock" behind you and turn it into something positive and constructive. Proverbs 15:22 is a great example,"Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established."

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