Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you where you're supposed to be?

     Unloading groceries from my car, I left the passenger door open in my haste to dump the bags inside on the kitchen counter. After several trips, the phone rang and I talked on the cordless while placing cold items in the refrigerator. Cans were next, these were stacked on top of each other in the pantry. Empty bags were gathered, and I walked past the kitchen window to stuff them inside a bag doll, when something moved outside.
     I retracked my steps and did a double take.
     There, inside my car, was Baby Grace-my grey striped 8 month old cat. She stood in the middle of the front seat with two paws stretched out onto the dash, and her face was pressed against the front car window. Eyes as big as saucers, she meowed pitifully as if in pain.
     Something else moved.
     Sitting on top of my car sat Sox-my black and white cat. He was meowing at me and did a great job of obtaining my attention. (Neither cat had ever been in or on the car before or since.)
     I ran outside and rescued both, and they happily ran off playing in the open lawn.
     It was funny, but I couldn't help thinking how much we can learn from their episode.
     Have you ever been where you aren't supposed to be, in your journey with God?
     No, we aren't perfect, sometimes we loose focus and get side tracked.
     I like to think Sox jumped on top of the car to get my help his buddy Baby stuck inside the car, she had forgotten how to get out.
     Have you ever became so caught up in the moment that you didn't realise you are in the wrong place?
     Like the cats in and on the car, would you stand out like a sore thumb?
     In order to have a relationship with God, you must surrender... self. It can't be I,I,I or all about me, me, me. As His servant, He will then accomplish His work through you.
     If we are in the wrong place, it can't happen. It's never too late to return to a God centered life.
     "It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose." Philippians 2:13

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Jeannie Faulkner Barber said...

Lynn, what an awesome analogy you presented. Goodness, haven't we all been in 'wrong' place sometimes? Thank goodness, God's grace and mercy guides us back on track. I love your inspirational blog. Keep up the fantastic work!