Thursday, October 27, 2011

With God All Things Are Possible

     In this busy life we sometimes live, it seems there aren't enough hours in the day. We multi-task, and cross out what we've completed  on our priority list while going at record speed.
     With deadlines, scheduled meetings, interruptions, etc; there are times when I have to laugh and admit I am amazed any progress is made at all.
     This month has been more productive for me, than any this year, and I have to give God the glory for it!
     There was something I had to do, or somewhere I had to go each day.
     How did I do it all?
     Simple. I gave myself to God, to work through my life, and I prayed earnestly. I prayed to give Him thanks for what was taking place in my life, I prayed for protection while I traveled, I prayed for wisdom to counsel others, I prayed for all people to experience a relationship with Him, I prayed for my writing to be a blessing and an inspiration, I prayed for my church, I prayed for my family, friends, and my church family; I prayed for non-Christians to have Christians placed in their paths at each step they take, so they could hear them and witness God's love in them, and hopefully want to accept Christ as their Savior. I prayed for our country, our leaders, and our military. I prayed and prayed and prayed, maybe not in that exact order, but I prayed nonetheless.
     Number one on my "to do" list was write daily, as much as possible, on my second novel. I did.
     I wasn't expecting  to attend my first speaking engagement with my friend Patty Wiseman this past week at the Lions Club, but I did, and totally enjoyed it! I talked about the story in my Christian Fiction/Suspense novel, Sin, Secrets, and Salvation; to be released in January, 2012.
     I didn't speak for a lengthy time, so imagine how thrilled I was to have a "one page sheet" to be passed out to the audience? Somehow I managed to write the stories info, my bio, and where to reach me just days before. My son put it all together for me, with my picture on it, just the day before and e-mailed it back to me in time for me to print copies.
      Who would ever believe I'd have time to submit 6 poems and two short stories to the ETWA anthology for review, and possible publication?
     I attended an out of town workshop at NETWO in Pittsburg, Tx., church business meetings, Bible study class, meetings with writing groups, doctor appts., had dogs groomed, had lunch with a friend, attended a book signing, stayed up late downloading 386 pictures from my camera to my slow dial-up computer, sent some to ETWA newsletter, met with a reporter at a newspaper, stayed up late again downloading the first draft of my book cover that my publisher e-mailed to me, went to our local, annual Area Wide Revival, attended the annual Baptist Association meeting as a representative from my church, and tomorrow I am excited to say I will attend the ETBU annual Christian Writers Conference in Marshall, Tx.
     Getting ready for Nov.1, 2011 as this will be a challenge for me! I enrolled in NaNoWri Mo. Check it out at You have to write a 50, 000 word novel in one month, in order to win. This will be my first attempt. I am anxious to begin! :)
     Why am I telling you all of this?
     Because I could never have accomplished any of this alone. It would have been an overwhelming task. As it was, I sailed along, completly happy, and made great progress!
    Whatever you are facing, in this hectic world we live in, take time for God and for prayer.
    With God all things are possible. Matthew 19-26.

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Patty W said...

Great post, Lynn, you truly are an inspiration! Can't wait to see your next uplifting post!