Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Giveaway for Sin, Secrets, and Salvation!

Book Giveaway For Sin, Secrets, and Salvation!

Sign up now for one of five copies in the giveaway of my new Christian fiction/suspense novel, Sin, Secrets, and Salvation. Join Goodreads, then locate Sin, Secrets, and Salvation in the giveaways.

Exciting week! First book signing this coming Friday, 1-20-2012 from noon until 3pm at Books and Java, on Pinecrest Drive in Marshall Mall, Marshall, Texas! If you are in the area, stop by and visit!

My friend, Patty Wiseman has created a new trailer for the book. Click here to check out the super video! Great job, Patty! :)

If you are interested on purchasing the book online, click on this url:
It is available on, and will soon be added to Kindle and Books and Noble.

Excerpt you might enjoy from the book:
What an easy way to find out if the mole is still removed from the back of his neck, or if these are indeed two different men. Susan rubbed one hand quickly across the back of his neck while he laughed again. Oh, it is still was totally gone three days ago. Chills raced through her, and she nearly whimpered with fear. Get a grip, girl, be defiant. "Set me down." Susan ordered.

Hope you enjoy my novel! I am busy writing the sequel now!

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