Thursday, April 5, 2012

God Does Provide!

In the middle of book signings and writing the next novel, I was finally scheduled for a long needed total knee replacement surgery on my right knee. It has been six weeks of healing and therapy, since that day in late February. Needless to say, I cannot drive yet.

Roles are now reversed. I am caregiver to my 85 year old mother, who cannot drive, and has a balance problem due to inner ear issues.

She moved in my home, and is now taking care of me. Cooking, washing clothes, etc., you name it - she does it.

Yesterday, web worms had three sudden nests in my apricot tree. Mom walked to the garage, found a long pole, tied newspaper on one end, and burned the webs to a crisp.

When she had to have an emergency root canal at the dentist, my friend Patty Wiseman took her there and helped Mom, comforting her during a bout of dizziness.

Patty drove Mom with my ledger, out of town, to drop off my tax information to be prepared for IRS. Hopefully, that will be completed before April 15, or get an extension. I will not worry. It is in God's hands.

Patty also takes my books and poster with her to book signings I cannot attend, and sells mine right beside her's.

My son, Jeff, and his wife Jannis, have gone above and beyond in helping. Coming from out of town for quick weekend visits - three in a row - buying groceries, cooking meals to put in freezer, sweeping, etc.; Jannis even stayed day and night with me at the hospital while I was so nauseated.

My son Mike, and his wife Katheryn, were so encouraging to me with their visits. She could not get off work, but one day Mike had to. He brought me a shower chair from a medical supplier that my doctor had written a prescription for. Mike took Mom to buy groceries after Jeff and Jannis had to leave, and has been great in helping me with tasks here.

Virginia Summers and Ann Harliss have also taken Mom to town for errands.

Barbara Miller has been my driver to the doctor. Her van has room for my leg; it is still swollen and bent, though not as bent. It is not straight but exercises in therapy are stretching muscles, and it's getting there!

Also thanks to Jan and Mead Bramlett for taking my trash off every week.

All of these family members and friends are such a big blessing to me! I have learned to turn everything over to God, and I enjoy not going through the "what if" scenarios.

Just last night I had to schedule another doctor appointment and was thinking of who to call, when my phone rang. It was my friend, Sandra Colley, offering to take me anywhere I needed to go. Yes, we scheduled the date and time of this appointment!

God does provide! I give Him all the Glory! No matter what your situation is, He will be there for you, too. The power of prayer is so strong, and I thank everyone for their prayers!


Patty W said...

You have been an inspiration to all of us, Lynn in the way you are handling all of this. We are the privileged ones to be your friend. We are looking forward to the day you can join us once again in the whirlwind book signing events. Keep sharing those uplifting blogs with us, you never know who you will encourage!

htttp:// said...

Lynn, thanks for sharing with us your thoughts here. What an encouragment you are to us all as we too may be facing a time of needing to learn to trust our Lord through a situation. It has been my privilege to meet you recently in person and to get to know you through your blog and facebook. I look forward to seeing you again in June at the book event in Shreveport. Take care dear friend.

Eva Blaskovic said...

That's so inspirational, Lynn. All the best with your recovery.