Sunday, November 11, 2012

Are you where God wants you to be?

       As a work-a-holic, I dive into my passion of writing, learn more about my craft, and attend countless book signings at libraries, restaurants, speaking engagements, and events all year.
       Set-backs are not new to me. Rear-ended in a car wreck, (when I was stopped at a red light) I spent 1 and 1/2 years at the Texas Spine Institue, receiving various injections and proceedures until I am now pain free. Prayer and scripture was and still is my strength. I had no doubt I would recover.       
        Next came the total right knee replacement surgery (my foot was pressing down on the brake and on knee was badly damaged). Thanks to my writer friends for all their help!
        So, when a biopsy came back a few months ago as cancerous, I was shocked, but ready to begin the healing process. I cancelled the remainder of events on my schedule.
I watched as my fellow writer friends continued. They made new friends, new contacts and were completely into new circles to advance their careers. Happy the hard work had paid off for them, I hurried with doctor appointments and followed doctors orders.
Then one area that had been removed, grew back and it was also cancerous...and two more areas popped up...both questionable. More advanced surgery was required and I am healing.
       At home that week-end (I had been scheduled at an out-of-town event)  I tried to type with my left hand and return to writing on my novel. I carried my right arm around, not able to use it as the area removed was near my wrist. My doctor didn't want excessive motion there and wanted the area open and not covered. It is awkward using your left hand when you are right handed! Progress picked up and I soon "got back into" writing the story and time slipped away.
       A sudden knock on my door startled me, as most knew I couldn't do anything, or go anywhere.
       I answered the front door to see a strange young woman, apparently lost. Holding her GPS in her hand, she was near tears, and asking for an address on my road. I told her there was no such address, and inquired on who she was trying to locate.
       She gave me a name I had never heard of and I shook my head.
       "Where are you from?" I asked her, as she had to travel through a maze of 3 farm to market roads to get to my house, and it is not an easy task.
       She blurted out that she had been driving all day. She lived in a town near Galveston, Tx. ...a good six hour drive away. Her uncle had not been heard of in over a month and she had come to check on him. He had suffered a stroke and had hired a women to care for him...but he had not answered his phone in over a month. She started crying then.
      "Wait a minute, is your uncle a masseur? One lives nearby, but I don't know his name."
      "Yes." She quickly wiped her eyes.
      I walked outside and pointed the direction to drive and gave her my card. "If you need any further help, please call me." She looked at my card describing my Christian fiction books and hugged me.
     "A sister in Christ." She beamed. "Thank you."
     I waved as she left, and marveled to myself how fortunate for her I happened to be at home to help.
     That evening, my 85 year old mother had an accident. I am her caregiver and she lives next door, Again, I was thankful to be home to help her.
     One of my sons called later that same day, and I enjoyed talking with him.
     I learned I was where I was supposed to be. :)   
     Within a few weeks I will have written and had published two books in my Running Forward Series in this same year. Thank You Lord for Your guidance! A powerful continuation of a faith and family saga, I give God all the Glory as I write the third and final book in the series. I remain a servant first, I am humbled, and yes, again,  I am where I am supposed to be!

     1Philippians 2:13 For it is God which works in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

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