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New program for Desert Coyote Productions authors! Each author will interview another. Mine kicks it off with Patty Wiseman interviewing me.
If you like ... nay love ... good Christian suspense, you need to get over to Goodreads now. There's nine days left on DCP's current giveaway on the second book of the Running Forward series by Lynn Hobbs, River Town. At present, your chances are good at getting one of the five signed copies of the book because there's only 95 entrants. Get your entry in now!
Update! 414 entries on closing day! Winners are: Emi Pierce, Napa, Ca. Raymond Gordon, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Angie Adair, Georgetown, Il. Cynthia Arcand, Bellingham, Ma. and Samantha Griffis, Gillette, Wy. Congratulations, and enjoy River Town!

Desert Coyote Author Lynn Hobbs Interviewed by Author Patty Wiseman


Here at Desert Coyote Productions, our authors are a talented and diverse group. Don Martinez, president of the company has hand-picked his authors, thereby accumulating accomplished and dedicated writers who care about their craft. In the weeks and months to come, we will showcase each author, their works, and their accomplishments. To make it more interesting and fun, each author will interview another. We look forward to a variety of interesting questions to give you a peek at each author's personality and writing style.

First up is Lynn Hobbs:

Lynn Hobbs is a Texas native, mother of two sons, wife, and grandmother, a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, East Texas Christian Writers, North East Texas Writers Organization, a Life Time Member of WorldWide Who's Who, member of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, Marshall Chapter, and past treasurer and current member of East Texas Writer's Association. Her many accomplishments include 2011 winner of NaNoWriMo, won 1st and 2nd place with two short stories published in April and May, 2012 edition of ETWA Roughdraft, named a Finalist in the 50 Great Writer's You Should Be Reading Contest for 2012, and was named World Wide Who's Who Professional of 2012 representing Authorship.

Interview by Patty Wiseman:

It is my pleasure to interview, Lynn Hobbs, author of Sin, Secrets, and Salvation, and the sequel, River Town. You can only read her biography to see she is a talented and involved writer. I hope to bring out more of her personality in this interview.

Patty: Hi Lynn, we've read your bio, so we know a little about you, but let's learn a bit more. What
would people be surprised to know about you?

Lynn: First of all, thank you, Patty, for the interview. People would be surprised to know I am a published
gospel songwriter and published poet. I have always strived to encourage others in their daily life. A
natural born storyteller, writing became another form of expression for me. Either by an incident I
witness, an experience someone shares, or a deep conviction I have about an issue; writing continues
to be my passion!

Patty: Give us a little information about your business or career background.

Lynn: I worked in the public for over thirty years, retiring from the Texas public school system where I logged
over 312 credited workshop hours for my work. In between duties of attendance, discipline,
accounting, Texas Grade Book Trainer, special education, etc: my "Mother Hen" instinct emerged and
blossomed. Totally caught up in the lives of students, I became a mentor. Many students had divorced
or incarcerated parents, and needed love and guidance. Trips, talks, listening, encouraging, "just
hanging out" became a big part of my life. What happy memories of quality time, and what lasting
friendships developed!

Patty: If you could travel anywhere in the United States that you've NEVER been before, where would you
go? Would you feel compelled to write a story about that place?

Lynn: I would love to explore Natchez, Mississippi, as well as the many antebellum mansions and plantations,
nearby. Dripping with history, I would relish the Southern charm and Southern cooking! Irresistible
Indian mounds would also grab my attention. Writing a story about it would be a high priority!

Patty: We know you write Christian Fiction, so tell us, in that genre, what is the most difficult for you to write,
characters, conflict, or emotion. Why?

Lynn: Christian Fiction characters can be difficult. I want them to fit in today's world while still having
Christian values. My books compete against those that glamorize alcohol consumption, illicit sexual
moments, or excessive violence. Mine are the alternative, while you won't be preached to; you won't
get a fluffy, cookie-cutter book either. I include issues many readers can relate to. A non-Christian will
enjoy my characters, also.

Patty: Do you have a motto or favorite quote you turn to on tough writing days?

Lynn: The scripture, Philippians 4:13, 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' helps me meet
any challenge. This is my favorite quote because as Paul wrote in Philippians, from prison, challenges
are inevitable. It is important how you face a challenge.

Patty: Are you a disciplined writer? In other words, do you write at a certain time each day, every day, or do
you write when the spirit moves you?

Lynn: I write each day and late into the night. Often, I hurry through errands to dive back into my story. I
enjoy scattering bits of clues throughout a story and toward the end joining them together like a
completed puzzle fitting into place. I'm amazed at the hours that fly by after each writing session. A
glance at the clock will confirm my tired eyes!

Patty: You must have a hobby, something to relax your hectic days away from writing. Care to share one?

Lynn: I enjoy reading. A good book is my treasured pastime for a lazy evening. If a book is highly
recommended by a reliable source, and the blurb makes me curious; I can't stop reading it until it is
finished. Out of respect for the author, I will give a review if it deserves a four star rating or higher. I
will not give a review lower as that is discouraging. If it needs to be lower; I simply will not give one.
We all have to learn and are learning our craft every day. It is not necessary to be rude. We learn
more through the kindness of others.

Patty: When sitting down to write, do you drink coffee? Regular or decaf?

Lynn: I drink iced, green tea sweetened with splenda. Not only delicious, but green tea has important anti-
oxidents and compounds that help with good health. From fighting cancer and heart disease,
lab studies are assuring. Green tea is also known for staving off dementia. You can always find
a gallon brewed and ready in my refrigerator!

Patty: Outside of your own books or those of Desert Coyote Productions, tell us your favorite book of all

Lynn: Without a doubt, my favorite book of all time is To Kill A Mockingbird. The strong emotion displayed in
everday life in the town of Maycomb pulled me deeper into that era. Interactions between the
characters, the tension from the court case Atticus Finch chose to take, Scouts observations; all of it
blended together perfectly. What a great example of a well written book.

Patty: Lynn, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. Please share with us your website and all the links
where we can find you and your books.

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