Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Giving Behind The Spotlight

The 2015 Christian Writers Conference was beyond expectation! Held at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas, the annual late October event, bustled with people eager to teach, learn, and share the craft of writing.
   I arrived early; enjoyed two, well scheduled days of speakers and workshops, and left late.
   How exciting to meet the speakers in such a friendly atmosphere, and they came from near and far: Dr. Jerry Hopkins, Dr. Harold Rawlings, Cecil Murphy, Twila Beck, Don Piper, Eva Piper, Frank Beck, Dr. Donn Taylor, Terry Burns, Ken Camp, Lawrence J. Clark, Kristen Clark, Ann Redelfs, Morgan Tarpley, Terri Lacher, Caleb Pirtle 111, Shari Parker, Bruce Gourley, Linda Burklin, Crystal Bowman, Richard L. Fluker, James Pence, Crystal Summers, David King,  Lexi Smith, Lynn Cherry, Michael Williams, and Troy White. Sarah Hudson Pierce, Marcy Simmons, Vickie Phelps, and Barbara Arent are also part of the many who gave.
Gave what, you might ask?
Gave of themselves in a warm welcome to all.
Gave of themselves in quality time.
Gave of themselves in a caring manner.
Gave of themselves in sharing knowledge.
Gave of themselves in sharing experiences.
     It was an awesome conference and by far the best I have ever attended.
     I did take pictures, and apologize for not taking a picture of each speaker. I was simply too caught up in learning to remember retrieving the camera from my purse.
   Yes, the conference was that remarkable!
   Here are some of the pictures I was able to take or had taken before the conference began.
   Can't wait until the next one in 2016!


Dr. Jerry Hopkins

Dr. Harold Rawlings

                                                                        Dr. Donn Taylor

                                                                 myself and Don Piper

                                                             Barbara Arent and Vickie Phelps

                                                             Evangelist Alan Buchanek

                                                   Marcy Simmons and Sarah Hudson Pierce

                                                  Linda Yazak, Vickie Phelps, and myself

                                                          James Pence and Wife Laurel

                                                               myself; Lynn Hobbs                                 

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