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Writing A New Novel? Pray About It!

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Writing a New Novel? Pray About It!
Posted on February 2, 2016 by ACFW
By Lynn Hobbs

An idea flashes through your mind in the middle of the night, and you’re convinced it’s THE answer to your next novel.
Maybe not.
You decide which chapter to insert the idea …when to let readers be aware of that tidbit of information…
Days pass as you change scenes and replace characters with that idea playing out in your mind.
No. Nothing works. It didn’t feel right.
More days pass.
The flashed idea continues being a puzzle.
It has a place in your novel, and you have a strong gut feeling about it.
You know you are right.
Wait a minute. It’s not falling in place.
Something is wrong here…
Then you realize…
You don’t want your will for the book…you want God’s will for the book.
The above situation can happen if you write without praying first. Those who know me are aware that I always pray for direction before I write. My new series has begun with a scripture that will follow through all three books. I am excited as words flow, situations develop that have meaning, and yes, I will give God the glory…not myself.
Have you ever considered someone might be saved by reading your book? As a Christian writer in today’s anything goes world; we have an opportunity to display morals in our books.
I also enjoy changing the protagonist from a male to a female…or vice versa.
Change location.
This takes you out of your comfort zone…new locations demand research to make it believable.
Time well spent? Absolutely.
I was taught to write what I personally know, and what I witnessed by others I knew…
About the person who was mistreated and overcame obstacles. About the person in jail. About the person who graduated with young children as a single parent. I could go on and on.
Years ago, I participated in a prison ministry where as a group, we traveled to a women’s prison in Gatesville, Texas. Praying one on one for each woman was powerful.
Some of the inmates wrote letters to us but could never write directly to us. Their letters went through the church, and later sent to our homes.
No, we couldn’t ask why the women were in prison, but we felt their need was met that day through what we did in God’s name.
That day, we actually were the vessel He used to help others.
The same principle can apply to our writing. We can be His vessel for many.
While some readers aren’t incarcerated, they may feel imprisoned by the life they are living. Our book cover may catch their eye at a library, or it may be left on a table at a doctor’s office. We have no idea where or when it will be read by someone who needs to be reading it at that exact moment in their life.
That’s why writing a book without praying first would not work for me.
Prayer first is awesome!

Lynn Hobbs is the author of the Running Forward Series; a powerful faith and family saga.
Book #1: Sin, Secrets, and Salvation, awarded 1st place, Religious Fiction, 2013, Texas Association of Authors.
Book #2: River Town, 1st place, Religious Fiction, 2014, TAA.
Book #3: Hidden Creek, 1st place, Religious Fiction 2015, TAA. Lillie, A Motherless Child (Christian biography).
You can find Lynn on her website at http://www.LynnHobbsAuthor.com andFacebook
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