Sunday, January 8, 2023

 Mind Of a Neighbor is published and available!!! This is the final book of three in the American Neighborhood Series. (The first book is Eyes Of a Neighbor, the second book is Heart Of a Neighbor, and the third book is Mind Of a Neighbor.)

 A continuous Christian fiction story with morals, compassion, life struggles, and a journey that is indeed inspiring. No profanity. Published by Proof Productions. Available in paperback on and also e-book on Kindle. Both versions are published in large print for your reading pleasure. Check it out, and I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon! (On Mind of a Neighbor or any of the others as well!)

Click on link to purchase:

Trust builds as neighbors leave the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Faith is tested as they relocate to Kansas. Locals stir up sinister rumors that develop into unexpected trouble. Can Ethan and Kate obtain God's peace that surpasses understanding? Do Sal and Maria remain true to their friends? Can Kate forgive an entire town? Although Mind of a Neighbor is fiction, the struggles of the characters are very real. Enjoy the final book in this series. An inspiring ending ia always possible in any situation...when you know the promises God has see us through this evil world.

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