The Texas Association of Authors awarded Lynn Hobbs 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2013 for her book Sin, Secrets, and Salvation...and 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2014 for her book River Town...also 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2015 on her book Hidden Creek. Lynn's latest book, "Lillie, A Motherless Child" won first place in Biography 2016 by the Texas Association of Authors. The AuthorShow.com named Lynn Hobbs as a winner in their 2013 "Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading" contest, and a finalist in 2012 where she was interviewed on their national radio program in the Christian category. Worldwide Who’s Who awarded Lynn “Professional of the Year 2012 in Authorship.” While inclusion in Worldwide Who's Who is an honor, only a small selection from their 500,000 members are chosen for this distinction.

Lynn is also a National Novel Writers Month (NaNoWriMo) 2011 winner having completed the task of writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days.

She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, Pulpwood Queens Book Club, #RWISA (Rave Writers Int'l Society of Authors), a member of #RRBC, (Rave Reviews Book Club), Texas Association of Authors, a Lifetime Member of Worldwide Who's Who, and a Southern Baptist.

Her novel Sin, Secrets, and Salvation is book one of the Running Forward Series. A Christian wife, Susan Penleigh is unequally yoked with a non-Christian husband. Dave Penleigh belittled his wife Susan until she could no longer tolerate the mental abuse. The only unshakable part of her existence is her deep faith in God, which sustains her despite the trials she faces. Is someone stalking her? Follow her victorious journey through a shaky marriage. Scripture, prayer, and intrigue round out this Christian fiction suspense novel. Complete with family healing, starting over, coping, and being morally strong; it is also inspirational.

Book two, River Town, continues the powerful faith and family saga. Susan Penleigh relocates to Texas during the worse drought in Texas history. Although this book is fiction, it is based on the actual wildfires of 2011 when this author had to evacuate. The author interviewed many local residents who described their experiences and agreed to let the author include their feelings and thoughts as if they were the characters in the book. Scanning the horizon daily for smoke became a habit for all in this area. Terrifying wildfires, a new job at a high school, and many people challenge Susan's faith. From troubled teens to an arrogant boss, scripture helps a woman's journey through modern family issues. A compelling page-turner that promises to enthrall both men and women.

Book three, Hidden Creek, concludes the series. Two women, two men, fight the wages of sin. Who heals? Who follows God's will? Four journeys, four friends; turn the page, let the story begin... Suspense builds as new characters emerge. Unexpected surprises, exciting twists and turns... and lessons learned make Susan's world come alive. Through many struggles, does Susan's faith prevail? Will this family ever bond together? Lynn's goal in writing this series was to give readers a clear understanding of a Christian viewpoint through my main character's actions in each book.

Lynn's non-fiction book won first place in Biography 2016 by the Texas Association of Authors:  Lillie, A Motherless Child, is the true-life story of her mother, Lillie Fritsche, born with sixteen siblings in the depression era. Lillie's mother passed away when Lillie was seven years old. Follow her journey from a motherless child to an inspiring woman of faith. The book includes treasured family photos and Lillie's favorite handed-down German recipes. Enjoy this glimpse of her life narrowed to 430 pages. Lynn's goal in writing this non-fiction book was to save moments that will no longer be lost in time and to display the faith and determination in all that Lillie encountered. The Paperback version is available in large print. Published by Proof Productions.

  “Eyes of a Neighbor” is book one of three in Lynn Hobbs new Christian Fiction American Neighborhood Series. Meet the neighbors, both old and new, set in a gated community in the older, historic section of Houston, Texas. Targeted recently by the criminal element, turmoil increases, Based on the author's own knowledge of having once lived in Houston, the residents created include all age groups who become tangled in a murder mystery. Romance suspense, intrigue, and inspiration intertwine to offer a fast-paced read that is indeed a page-turner. Who can new resident Kate Davis trust? Has she chosen the wrong friends? Can the neighbors trust her?

Available in large print paperback, and regular print Kindle. No profanity or graphic violence. Readers can expect to find real-life situations that will be surprising. Book two is Heart of a Neighbor, now available, and the third book in the series will be Mind of a Neighbor. The series is published by Proof Productions.
Click for Eyes of a Neighbor: Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541078691/ref=sr_1_1…

Click for Heart of a Neighbor: Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Neighbor-American-Neighborhood-2/dp/0692998632/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1MFAXRK8AOYHT&keywords=Heart+Of+A+Neighbor%2C+Lynn+Hobbs&qid=1642736355&sprefix=heart+of+a+neighbor%2C+lynn+hob%2Caps%2C1635&sr=8-1

     "Heart Of A Neighbor" is book two of three in the new Christian Fiction American Neighborhood Series.        Hurricane Harvey has formed, increasing in size and speed in the Gulf of Mexico. Follow the inspiring journey of the neighbors in Shadowood as Hurricane Harvey changes their lives forever. Can they start over? Will they have to move? Modern family issues are solved with a Christian viewpoint. The residents in Houston’s gated community, Shadowood, have enough stress without adding a hurricane. Kate Davis befriends Lavinia Moore, whose ex-husband Richard’s destructive lifestyle threatens many. Ethan Meyers wife was found deceased. Was it a homicide? How will Detective Marino help Lavinia? Kate lived through Hurricane Katrina twelve years earlier, she cannot endure another one. Will Kate convince her neighbors to evacuate with her as Hurricane Harvey nears? Who goes? Who remains and what awaits them? Will Richard want to know Jesus as his Savior? Escaping to Northeast Texas, refugees find shelter at Caddo Lake State Park. Too painful to view the televised destruction, will any of the neighbors have a home to return to? Can they afford a low-interest loan from FEMA? Heart of a Neighbor is book two, following book one, Eyes of a Neighbor. Book three will be Mind of a Neighbor and conclude the series. All three will be available in large print. No profanity.

"Mind of a Neighbor" book three of the American Neighborhood Series...

Trust builds as neighbors leave the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Faith is tested as they relocate to Kansas. Locals stir up sinister rumors that develop into unexpected trouble.
Can Ethan and Kate obtain God's peace that surpasses understanding?
Do Sal and Maria remain true to their friends?
Can Kate forgive an entire town? 
Although Mind of a Neighbor is fiction, the struggles of the characters are very real. 
Enjoy the final book in this series. All three books in this series are available in large print. No profanity, and all are published by Proof Productions. I would greatly appreciate you giving a review on Amazon! (For Mind of a Neighbor or any of the others as well!)
An inspiring ending is always possible in any situation...when you know the promises God has given...to see us through this evil world.

To purchase Mind Of a Neighbor:  https://rb.gy/kcbuqa. 

Retired from the Texas Public School system, Lynn is a native of Houston; two sons, their spouses, three grandchildren, and three dogs complete the family. Lynn Hobbs enjoys living on the banks of Big Cypress Bayou at Caddo Lake in Northeast Texas. When not writing her genre of Christian Fiction and Christion Non-Fiction, Lynn enjoys reading, reviewing, gardening, hydroponics, church activities, speaking engagements, and mentoring.

Join her uplifting Christian blog with writer's tips at her website LynnHobbsAuthor.com. Please click "like" & leave a review on  Amazon, and Goodreads, Contact Lynn at LynnHobbs.Author@gmail.com, FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter @LynnHobbsAuthor. She loves hearing from her readers and is available for speaking engagements. All books are available on Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, and the Texas Association of Authors.com

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