Lynn Hobbs is the author of a powerful faith and family series; the Running Forward Series, consisting of  three Christian / Fiction / Suspense / Inspirational novels published by Desert Coyote Productions. No profanity or graphic violence in any of Lynn Hobbs books.

Book one, Sin, Secrets, and Salvation, was awarded first place in Religious Fiction, 2013, by the Texas Association of Authors. Susan Penleigh,  a Christian wife, is unequally yoked to a non-Christian husband. Follow her victorious journey through a shaky marriage. Scripture, prayer, and intrigue round out this suspenseful novel. Family healing, starting over, coping, and also inspirational with strong moral values. The message in this book is 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Philippians 4:13

The sequel, River Town, was awarded first place in Religious Fiction, 2014, by the Texas Association of Authors. A powerful, faith and family saga continues! Susan Penleigh relocates to Texas during the worst drought in history with actual terrifying wildfires that this author encountered and had to personally evacuate. Author interviewed local residents who also experienced it firsthand, and agreed to share their feeling and thoughts for the author to use as experiences of the book characters.  Susan has a new job at a high school, and many people to challenge her faith. From troubled teenagers to an arrogant boss, readers will have a clear understanding of a Christian viewpoint by the main character's actions. A compelling page turner with modern family issues that will enthrall both men and women.

Book three, Hidden Creek, was awarded first place in Religious Fiction, 2015, by the Texas Association of Authors.

Two women, two men, fight the wages of sin. Who heals? Who follows God's will? Four journeys, four friends, turn the page, let the story begin...Suspense builds as new characters emerge. Unexpected   surprises, exciting twists and turns...and lessons learned make Susan's world come alive. Through many struggles, does Susan's faith prevail? Will this family ever bond together?

A powerful faith and family saga, the award-winning Running Forward Series concludes in Hidden Creek, a morally strong and inspiring novel.

Lillie, A Motherless Child won first place in Biography 2016 by the Texas Association of Authors. Published by Proof Productions, this is the true-life story of author Lynn Hobbs' mother, Lillie Fritsche; born with sixteen siblings in the depression era. Lillie's mother passed away when she was just seven years old. Follow her journey from a motherless child to an inspiring woman of faith. Book includes treasured family photos, as well as Lillie's favorite handed-down German recipes. Enjoy this glimpse of her life narrowed to 430 pages. Lynn Hobbs' goal in writing this non-fiction book was to save moments that will no longer be lost in time, and to display the faith and determination in all that Lillie encountered. Paperback version is available in large print. Kindle e-book is offered in regular print. No profanity or violence. Published by Proof Productions.


  “Eyes of a Neighbor” is book one of three in Lynn Hobbs new Christian Fiction American Neighborhood Series. Meet the neighbors, both old and new, set in a gated community in the older, historic section of Houston, Texas. Targeted recently by the criminal element, turmoil increases, Based on the author's own knowledge of having once lived in the Heights area, the residents created include all age groups who become tangled in a murder mystery. Romance suspense, intrigue, and inspiration intertwine to offer a fast paced read that is indeed a page turner. Who can new resident Kate Davis trust? Has she chosen the wrong friends? Can the neighbors trust her?

Available in large print paperback, and regular print Kindle. No profanity or graphic violence. Readers can expect to find real life situations that will be surprising. Book two, Heart of a Neighbor will be available this summer (2017), and the third book in the series, Mind of a Neighbor will be released in early 2018. Published by Proof Productions.

   “I consider writing a tool to help people overcome adversity. I can provide relatable solutions through literacy.” Lynn Hobbs.
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Sin, Secrets, and Salvation is available in paperback or e-book format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

River Town is also available in paperback or e-book format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Hidden Creek is available in paperback through Amazon. The e-book is also available for Kindle.

Lillie, A Motherless Child is available through Amazon. The e-book is also available for Kindle.

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Sin, Secrets, and Salvation

Life abruptly changed for a couple and their three children in a small town near Seattle, Washington. Dave Penleigh belittled his wife Susan, until she could no longer tolerate the mental abuse. Her world is falling apart.

Susan is a Christian wife unequally yoked with a non-Christian husband. The only unshakable part of her existence is her deep faith in God, which sustains her despite the trials she faces.

Mysterious events arise to plague her, causing turmoil within her own family. Through prayer and strong faith, she is determined to be a survivor and rebuilds her life with gusto.

Unusual events occur again with greater momentum. Is someone stalking her? 

What surprises are uncovered as she ties the loose ends together? Scripture, prayer, and intrigue round out this Christian fiction/suspense novel.

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